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Trujillo City

Trujillo Perú

Satately city, world-wide well-known to be in the middle of an Archaeological Region of Peru, soothes of the cultures Mochica and Chimú. The city of Trujillo, turns out to be a cosy and pleasant city, where the visitor loses the imposing notion of the time when taking a walk by his old streets, Large houses, Churches and Convents or simply when sitting down in a bank of some romantic Small square. The habitants of this city are respectful of their traditions, but they have learned to make compatible the modernization with its rich Pre-Columbian history, Virreynal and Republicana

Additional Infromacion

Location: Located in the North coast of the Peruvian Coast.
Extension: 24,44 Km2.
Population: It 765,171 habitants.
Climate: Semitropical, with a temperature that varies according to the stations.
In our city, in the month of July we are in winter to 18 º C.

The participants to XXII International Voice Competition & Festival - 2019, will be able to appreciate in Trujillo, all a range of attractive tourist: like the Archaeological Monument of Chan Chan, metropolis of greater adobe of pre-Hispanic America and second in the old world. Also we found the formidable Pyramid of the Moon, that is composed by a series of superposed platforms, enclosures and patios where ceremonies and sacrifices were realized. What more flame the attention in its walls is the identified frontal face like "Demonio or Decapitador". Similarly they will be able to enjoy the Spa of Huanchaco, where the classic "Ponies of Totora" are appraised, boats used by the mochicas for its task of fishing and that at present continue it using the settlers of Huanchaco.